All in community

"Finding Holy in the Suburbs" Excerpt

In the suburbs, it’s easy to become numb to the ways we pursue our own self-satisfaction—whether it’s through our physical house or it’s packaged as abstract nouns. All these abstract nouns (like success, meaning, purpose, and self-esteem) are contingent on the kingdom of self.

Will You Hear Her?

I am not a mother in a biological or traditional sense. I am a mother to dreams, revolutions, and peace treaties between friends by the fire. More than that, I’m the daughter of a Mother God who is heartbroken at the injustices of our world.

Standing as One

You and I, sister, are one. God has bound us together. Woven us of the same earth, tears, blood and sweat. No matter our race, our ethnicity or our home. No matter our season of life or marital status, we are divinely interconnected.