Cedar Chest Secrets

Cedar Chest Secrets

                I              wanted              to meet time
                                so, I watched grandma crochet.

                Life    without     a     hook
                      is eternity without a loop.

                The story of frutería and Levi’s factory
                      work, quiet, lurking, true,

                pressed     at the     seams of
                      these exposed anís hands.

                I wanted to   learn     secrets
                      like those folded in her cedar chest,

                crinkled road maps persuading us
                      of where we are from.

                Were  we    from     1907
                      crossing the  Mexico     border

                from Nuevo León, or were we from 1892
                      crossing the Rio Grande from Coahuila?

                Were we from where Ma Grande carried her
                      indigenous tongue, or were we a poem

                not yet written except on DNA results,
                      ten   percent middle eastern facts.

                Were we from where God mended a broken wing
                      one too many times?

                Or were we from the yellow, cotton
                      yarn she suddenly ran out of?


Cedar Chest Secrets explores faith in the unknown by drawing from what is already known of family and heritage. What do you know about your family from stories you've been given and how does that challenge your faith as a Christian woman? Are your curiosity and healing rooted in faith? All is reconciled in heaven, beyond this earth. God has given us what we need in this life to press on and it is a cedar chest of secrets until we meet our Creator.

Photo credit: A.Davey



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