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Spend, Save or Give

Confession time: Sometimes I dread opening Facebook or Twitter, knowing someone new will be asking for money and I won’t know how to respond. I’ll admit, I tend to tune them out, even when I know I could, technically, help. It’s just too much to take in.

On Selling Things: Part Two

We have got to talk about money. I know it isn't polite. But y'all the Bible talks about money A LOT. Like more than almost any other subject. And yet we rarely talk about how we are spending our money besides to say don't get in debt and give 10% to your church. That is an anemic money conversation at best.

On Selling Things: Part One

Can we talk about selling stuff? Network marketing. Small business. Women's empowerment.

I have been avoiding this because when I am ambiguous there is a better chance you will all like me. But if women are my people then I am not sure how much longer I can avoid this