All in reflection

Wins & Worth

In the last few weeks I had to cancel two events, messed up a contract so that we lost money on an event and had to restructure an event to cater to my feelings of complete overwhelmedness. I have had to tell women I deeply believe in “no” or “wait” or “we can only do this, not that”, and I hate every time I can’t give my full self and our full resources to a woman.

There is No Arrival

Last week, I withdrew from a course.

This was a decision most people find easy and obtaining little importance. But for me, oh for me, this decision was in the simplest term – hard. Deciding to withdraw from this course was like creating a giant neon sign that said, “Look what Morgan cannot do!” for all my friends, classmates, and family to see.

New Views

Whatever is the opposite of wanderlust, that is me. Since I can remember, I have wanted to buy a home with a big porch and live in the same neighborhood until I die.

Instead, I participate in what my parents fondly(?) refer to as “the annual move.”

Sounds of Sunday Morning

The infectious sound of a familiar song makes its way up the stairs and into my bedroom. Worship music fills the house from the speaker system downstairs, and my mom and dad walk from room to room rehearsing that morning’s choir selection and singing their favorite songs as they get ready for the day.